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Customer Relationship Management PPT

Customer Relationship Management PPT Posted by on Nov 3, 2013

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3D Printer PPT

3D Printer PPT Posted by on Feb 24, 2016

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Electric Bicycle PPT

Electric Bicycle PPT Posted by on May 30, 2015

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Solar Tracking System PPT

Solar Tracking System PPT Posted by on May 4, 2015

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Leukemia PPT

Leukemia PPT Posted by on Aug 31, 2014

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Swarm Robotics PPT

Swarm Robotics PPT Posted by on Mar 6, 2016

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Swarm Robotics PPT

Mar 06, 16 Swarm Robotics PPT

Posted by in Engineering, Robotics

Swarm Robotics, inspired by social insects, comes under multi-robotics field where a group of robots are co-ordinated in decentralised and distributed way. Robots as a group can perform complex tasks in an enhanced way than a single robot. Still, this technology has to be developed in some areas like modelling, algorithm, etc to make it more promising. It doesn’t end here, there are a lot to be known about it. The below Swarm Robotics ppt will explain its characteristics, behaviours, algorithms, applications, etc. Check it out! Download (PPT, 998KB)...

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3D Printer PPT

Feb 24, 16 3D Printer PPT

Posted by in Computer, Engineering, Requested PPT

3D printer is a booming technology which can produce a three-dimensional object in almost any shape or geometry. Initially, 3D printing was used as a prototyping technology, and it is changing slowly. Now, many manufacturers are using 3D printed objects as end-products using additive manufacturing. Learn more about its working, processes, applications, advantages and disadvantages, check the below 3D printer ppt: Download (PPT, 2.41MB) Requested by...

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Blue Brain PPT

Feb 17, 16 Blue Brain PPT

Posted by in Computer, Engineering, Uploaded PPT

Blue Brain is the world’s first virtual brain, which can function as brain to think, respond, store, etc. just like a human brain. IBM developed Blue Gene supercomputer for Blue Brain project and later a term Blue Brain was introduced. Learn more about Blue Brain in the below PPT: Download (PPT, 1.19MB) Uploaded by: Hana Hassan P...

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Clean Install Windows 10 PPT

Feb 11, 16 Clean Install Windows 10 PPT

Posted by in Computer, Engineering

Microsoft came out with a great move of rolling out Windows 10 for free for all genuine windows users. Windows 10 is the best windows ever and it combines the strengths of Windows 7 and 8. It is built in with easy to use features, fast start ups, highly secure, and most popular start menu of Windows 7. If you are wondering how to clean install Windows 10 on your PC, then the below PPT would help you in quite an easy way. Download (PPTX,...

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Cloud Computing PPT

Jan 25, 16 Cloud Computing PPT

Posted by in Computer, Engineering

Cloud Computing, also popularly known as “the cloud,” is the online practice of storing, managing, and processing data in the hosted internet servers rather than a personal computer. It can be differentiated into three types: Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds, and each clouds have their own pros and cons. To know more about its services, security, and architecture, check the below Cloud Computing PPT: Download (PPTX,...

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Electric Bicycle PPT

May 30, 15 Electric Bicycle PPT

Posted by in Electrical / Electronics

Electric Bicycle is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that is used for propulsion. It is also called as E-Bike or Booster Bike. This bike is build up with controller, rechargeable battery, speed sensor, and speedometer. Riding this e-bike will result in reducing your weight loss, lowers your stress level, increases energy and vitality, and make you feel more younger. How this bicycle works? Check the below Electric Bicycle PPT: Download (PPTX,...

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